How did it all begin and why did we create AdminOnline?

Let’s Start by Looking at a Day in the Life of a Sports Coach

Challenges of a Sports Coach

A day in the life of a tennis coach is filled with teaching kids the passion and skill for the game and to see them grow.

It’s also exhausting to work with children – From dealing with compliant and respectful kids to disobedient and hyperactive little ones.

Add being in the sun the whole day, managing parents and often arriving home late from the early evening lessons.

That is Why AdminOnline

It is no wonder that so many tennis coaches, and for that matter any sports coach, just cannot keep their finger on the admin and accounting of their business.

We’ve seen this need and decided to create software to help small businesses that coach or teach many children on a weekly and monthly basis.

For Who

All who provides a monthly or quarterly service to many children have the same thing in common:

  • Dealing with families (Parents and children) and need to capture, manage and use the family details as part of their admin.

  • Send out a lot of monthly invoices and statements based on the sometimes complicated myriad of services provided.

  • Invoice per child, but have one account for the family.

  • Record bulk payments and follow-up on non-paying parents.

  • Group children into classes, schools or some other grouping.

  • Communicate with all or a subset of the parents.

  • Have a calendar and mark attendance.

  • And the list go on and on

Thank You

I’d like to acknowledge all our clients who gave us great feedback which helped us develop AdminOnline where it is today.

I appreciate you and value your feedback!

In Conclusion

We created the AdminOnline accounting software product to provide an easy online system to help business owners with little time and high demands keep their administration, accounting and bookkeeping, database and schedule in order, up to date and professional.

If these things are running smooth, most businesses will make more money. In future blog articles, I will elaborate on this statement.

I will also share stories of our journey thus far. Till next month then.