On 12 and 13 July we exhibited our AdminOnline product at the EduWeek conference and expo at Gallagher Estate in Midrand.

What a refreshing experience!

Firstly a very well organized conference. Well done to the organizers: spintelligent.

It’s amazing to see so many organizations and people passionate about serving some area of the education sector.

It seems that everyone knows down deep that education is what will really take this country forward.

I have always felt that education is one of the most important long term focuses that eventually makes a great country.

Looking at all the tools and technology available, I am reminded that the biggest education differentiator is TIME us parents take to engage with our children.

Time playing, time discussing things and time cementing their self-worth.

No tablet, tool or program will ever replace this.

I walk out of here encouraged that eventually our country will win the education mountain it is facing.

Let us buy out our time and make the most of it.